PM Imran says progress of nations based on writ of law, superiority of merit, accountable ruler

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan said progress of the nations was based on writ of the law, superiority of merit and accountable ruler.

He said basic reasons of the problems confronted the country today were deviation from the ideology of Pakistan and corruption.

The prime minister said unfortunately Pakistani nation did not properly adhere to the ideology of Pakistan after demise of Father of the Nation Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, adding that the ideology of Pakistan was based on creation of a welfare state on the pattern of the State of Madina. The prime minister was speaking to participants of National Security Workshop Balochistan who called on him at the PM Office.

The workshop was organized by Pakistan Army Southern Command Balochistan in collaboration with the Government to inform the participants about important security matters.

It was attended by politicians, social workers, educationists, lawyers and people from cross sections of the society. Minister for Defence Production Zubaida Jalal was also present.

The participants paid tribute to the prime minister for taking steps to end corruption in society. Answering to various questions of the participants, he said the PTI had given the concept of New Pakistan which was the outcome of Quaid e Azam struggle and Allama Iqbal’s dream.

Discussing the principles of the State of Madina, he said, the Muslims on the basis of these principles got prominent place in the world.

He said the nations which adopted the principles of the State of Madina remained successful while those deviated these principles could not become developed.

The prime minister said Balochistan would become a prosperous province, adding that the government’s job was to ensure good governance and rectify education, health system there and for that purpose the government was making all efforts.

He said Balochistan had significance and due to CPEC project a number of development work would take place there  and a lot of job opportunities would be created for the local people, adding that Gwader would soon become a developed area.

The prime minister informed the participants about various steps taken by the government to take benefits from natural resources and large scale gas reserves in the province.

They were informed that share of Balochistan in income from these natural resources would be more than before, as Balochistan remained backward due to past policies.

He said budget of Balochistan had been increased after ten years while the past governments deprived the province of its due share.

About introduction of local bodies system in Balochistan, he said, when the local people would get their funds directly they would be spent on development of their areas.

The prime minister informed the participants about establishment of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and various programmes about electricity, health, specially programme about controlling hepatitis.

Stressing upon women education, the prime minister said no society could become developed without educating their women.

The participants while demanding establishment of Virtual University in Balochistan told the prime minister that it would help in promotion of research and create awareness in people  that the State of Madina was a great revolution in world history.

The prime minister said besides providing science and technology education in the university, it would also be made possible to enlighten the people about basic purpose of education.