PM House denies finalising Ameer Jogezai as Balochistan governor

ISLAMABAD: The Prime Minister House denied finalising the name of Dr Ameer Mohammad Khan Jogezai for Balochistan governorship, a day after reports said he had been nominated for the provincial post by Prime Minister Imran Khan.

A spokesperson of the prime minister, in a statement, said there was no truth to reports that Jogezai’s name has been finalised for the post.
His name was only recommended for the slot, and the PTI is yet to make a final decision on the matter, the spokesperson said.
The statement added that in view of some evidences that surfaced recently regarding Jogezai, there has been no further progress on the recommendation.
Much confusion has surrounded the matter ever since Jogezai’s name emerged for the slot of Balochistan governor.
Late Saturday night, he refuted claims that he had excused himself from taking up the post, an hour after a video clip began circulating on social media suggesting that Jogezai had decided not to take up the governorship.
“I did not excuse myself from the nomination of Balochistan Governor post,” Jogezai told media, clarifying: “I had said I won’t take the oath as the governor until I’m given the required clearance [from the National Accountability Bureau].”
NAB disclosed earlier that its investigation into the financial embezzlement cases against Jogezai was in the final phase and that the relevant references were expected to be filed against him soon.
The anti-graft watchdog had approved an inquiry against Jogezai in 2015, after he was accused of embezzlement of funds related to the official medical equipment purchases for Quetta’s Kidney Centre as its chief executive.