PM for Global unity to fight Islamophobia

Staff Report

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif on Sunday called upon the civilized world to strongly condemned the highly offensive acts of desecration of the Holy Quran.
On his Twitter handle, the prime minister said, “The highly offensive dese-cration of the Holy Quran by a Danish politician is the third such incident in a row that should be strongly condemned by the civilised world.”
He further said that the need for global unity to fight Islamophobia couldn’t be more urgent than it was now. “We are deeply hurt,” the prime minister posted.
Saturday, Turkey warned its citizens against “possible Islamophobic, xeno-phobic and racist attacks” in the United States and Europe after its West-ern allies cautioned their citizens in Turkey about possible terror attacks.
In two separate travel advisories, the Turkish foreign ministry recom-mended its citizens in the United States and European countries “act calm-ly in the face of possible xenophobic and racist harassment and attacks” and to “stay away from areas where demonstrations may intensify.” Recent increases in “anti-Islam and racist acts” reflect the dangerous di-mensions of religious intolerance and hatred in Europe, the ministry said.
Several embassies in Ankara including those of the United States, Germa-ny, France and Italy on Friday released security alerts for their citizens in Turkey that flagged “possible retaliatory attacks by terrorists against places of worship.”