PM for doubling farmers’ income

-Offers help to Turkey against fires

DM Monitoring

Bahawalpur: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday said that there are 8.4 million farmers in the country and he wanted to double their earnings through various government-led initiatives.
Addressing Kisan Convention during his day-long visit to Bahawalpur, Imran Khan termed farmers as the country’s real asset while differentiating between them and feudal lords and said that his government’s efforts have provided them an opportunity to earn Rs1100 billion more.
“Influential people have sugar mills in the country and had previously deprived the farmers of their due share,” he said adding that the farmers were not getting their due amount and the influential were able to earn more.
The prime minister said that his government plans to double the income of the farmers which would also help in improving cultivation in the country.
“With more harvest, the prices of the commodities will be lowered,” he said while highlighting that Pakistan is currently unable to fulfill its food needs and is importing 4 million tonnes of wheat. Pakistan has different seasons and could cultivate anything owing to its fertile land, Imran Khan said adding that they would be helping farmers with technology and money to improve the yield.
Meanwhile, Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday expressing concern over Turkey’s forest fires extended Pakistan’s support for all possible assistance to help cope with the calamity.
In a meeting with Turkish Defence Minister Hulusi Akar, the prime minister said Pakistan and Turkey were tied with historic fraternal ties, marked by “unique trust and support”.
The prime minister conveyed his cordial greetings for President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the brotherly Turkish people.
He expressed satisfaction over the existing level of bilateral defence cooperation.
He thanked Turkey for expressing strong and consistent support to Pakistan on all issues, particularly the Jammu and Kashmir dispute.
On regional issues, Prime Minister Imran Khan shared Pakistan’s perspective on the Afghan peace process. Underlining that a negotiated political settlement was the only way forward, the he hoped that the Afghan leaders would recognize the importance of international convergence on the way forward and achieve an inclusive, broad-based and comprehensive political settlement.
Pakistan will continue to make every effort to help advance the Afghan peace process and to realize a political solution, he added.
The Turkish Defence Minister conveyed warm greetings from President Erdogan and reiterated Turkey’s support to Pakistan on all issues, including Jammu and Kashmir.
He concurred with Prime Minister Imran Khan on enhancing cooperation in all areas to the mutual benefit of both the countries, including the defence sector.
He also underlined Turkey’s efforts to promote a political solution in Afghanistan.
Hulusi Akar is visiting Islamabad as part of frequent high-level exchanges between Pakistan and Turkey for consultations on important bilateral and regional issues.