PM determined to pull Nawaz back

-Considers taking Nawaz’s repatriation issue with Boris Johnson if required
-Rejects talks option with opposition leaders
-Says criminals won’t be allowed to ditch law
-Declares zero tolerance over corruption

DM Monitoring

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan on Friday has said that he is ready to visit London for repatriation of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif if needed.
The major announcement was made by PM Imran Khan, in an exclusive interview to private TV channel.
The prime minister maintained he is ready to visit United Kingdom to meet PM Boris Johnson to bring back PML-N supremo if needed.
Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday said that he feels there is no point talking to opposition parties’ politicians as all they want is a deal to save their ill-gotten wealth. The prime minister said that opposition has all the right to stage protest rallies wherever they want but this won’t save themselves from the punishment they deserve for their “real crimes” like “looting the country” when in power”.
“Some of my own party men get worried when they see opposition parties’ politicians staging rallies and doing pressers against the government and I even heard some cases were registered against them (opposition politicians) after current rallies but I feel it is wrong, it will be punishing them for crimes they didn’t commit, protest is their right, their real crime is corruption and for that, I have zero tolerance,” said Prime Minister Imran Khan. He was of the view that opposition politicians tried their best to exert pressure on his government to give them some sort of relief in corruption cases, but “they don’t know me, I have this habit of performing under pressure”.
Answering a question, the premier said that former prime minister Nawaz Sharif and his daughters are now launching attacks on state institutions out of disappointment as they know they will not get any relief.
Ready to visit UK, talk to Johnson for Nawaz’s repatriation. The prime minister maintained he is ready to visit United Kingdom to meet PM Boris Johnson to bring back the PML-N supremo if needed. He said that they were in talks with the British authorities over the repatriation of Nawaz Sharif as he left the country citing an excuse for medical treatment abroad but failed to comply with the terms. “We are trying our best to get Nawaz Sharif deported from London,” the prime minister said adding that he would be put behind bars once brought back to the country. Israeli, Indian lobbies working for opposition Prime Minister Imran Khan said that Israeli and Indian lobbies were working for the opposition parties.
“Indian media that is propagating fake news of civil war in Pakistan and my ouster is portraying Nawaz Sharif as their hero,” he said and further asked as to why their media is presenting Nawaz as a hero and criticizing the armed forces of the country. Imran Khan blamed that even Israel is afraid of Pakistan Army as they knew that it is a super power. “Who is attacking personnel of the armed forces, which led to the martyrdom of 22 security personnel in a day, and trying to create a sectarian rift in the country,” the prime minister said and blamed that both India and Isreal wanted to destabilize the country.