PM calls Sindh MPA Gohar as PTI seeks allies to outnumber PPP

SUKKUR: Prime Minister Imran Khan called Sindh lawmaker Ali Gohar Mehar to discuss the political dynamics of the province, as reports of change of leadership on the floor of the house continue to make the rounds.

A spokesperson of PTI Sindh said that the premier expressed his reservations over the current political situation in the province. The prime minister has also accepted Mehar’s invitation to visit Sindh in the coming days.

Meanwhile, it appears that the telephonic call with Prime Minister Imran has raised the political capital of Mehar, as high-level party leaders immediately arrived in Ghotki to meet the local leader. Governor Imran Ismail, State Interior Minister Shehryar Afridi and Haleem Adil Sheikh met with him lately to discuss the current political situation.

“We will give good news to the people of Sindh soon, we are in contact with the PPP members,” Sheikh said in a brief conversation with journalists. “There will definitely be a block in PPP.”

Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry is expected to reach Karachi on Monday (today) to meet allies and like-minded leaders in a bid to extract maximum support from the lawmakers to outnumber PPP representatives in the provincial house.

The recent activities have raised the political temperature in the province as leaders from the PPP and PTI did not shy away from taking jibes at each other.

Adviser to Chief Minister Murtaza Wahab refuted the possibility of PTI government in Sindh. “PTI can’t form a government in Sindh in 50 years. Those talking about forward block are in the government on the strength of four votes. If they go here and there, they won’t have their government,” he said.