PIC grants swift access to 50-year property records

Staff Report

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Information Commission (PIC) promptly facilitated a citizen’s access to property records spanning 50 years in just one month, underscoring the commission’s strong commitment to upholding the Right of Access to Information Act, 2017, and ensuring the public’s fundamental right to information. According to details, Sarfraz A. Bhatti, a concerned citizen, sought assistance from the Pakistan Information Commission when faced with challenges in obtaining property documents from the Capital Development Authority (CDA).
His appeal was set for a hearing on August 23, 2023. During the hearing, the CDA clarified that the requested records, dating back to 1978, necessitated additional time for retrieval.
After numerous hearings and unwavering dedication, the Pakistan Information Commission efficiently obtained and furnished all the requested 50-year-old property records to Bhatti. In expressing his contentment, Bhatti praised the diligent endeavors of the Pakistan Information Commission in facilitating his access to the information he had sought. He emphasized that this achievement underscores the pivotal role the PIC plays in guaranteeing citizens’ access to essential public records. The Pakistan Information Commission underscored the commission’s unwavering commitment to its mission. It stated that even in the face of resource limitations, the commission is resolute in guaranteeing that public records are delivered to citizens within the legally prescribed time frame.
Citizens can file appeals with the commission at no cost to access public records from any public entity.
Access to information is a constitutional right in Pakistan, and the Commission’s endeavors are geared towards empowering citizens by facilitating their access to vital information and ensuring accountability within public bodies.
The Pakistan Information Commission commends the Capital Development Authority and the public body for their commitment to locating and furnishing the 50-year-old records to Bhatti, in accordance with the directives of the commission.