PIA employees get good news

KARACHI: The administration of Pakistan International Airline (PIA) on Tuesday has agreed to increase the salaries of employees following successful negotiations.
Following the successful negotiations between PIA administration and employees, it has been agreed to increase the salaries of Group one to four workers by 20 percent. Moreover, a 26-day long protest across the country for salary hike has been ended.
Meanwhile, a memorandum of understanding (MoU) in this regard has been signed by both the parties.
In a statement, President People’s Unity CBA Hidayatullah Khan said that the matter will be presented in the next PIA board meeting. Hidayatullah Khan noted the increase in salaries will be implemented following an approval by the board.
A day earlier, it was reported that Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) administration agreed to engage in negotiations with their employees who have been demanding a raise in salaries and protesting against the privatization.
PIA’s General Manager of Industrial Relations (GM-IR) expressed that the administration is willing to negotiate with PIA’s CBA officials.
As per the sources, the GM-IR at PIA submitted a written response to the National Industrial Relations Commission (NIRC), affirming that the PIA Chairman himself will engage in the negotiations with the employees. –Agencies