PFUJ slams govt’s media policies

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) Tuesday announced a protest movement, starting from January 26, against the government’s ‘anti-media’ policies.
According to a statement, the PFUJ has announced nationwide protest movement against the imposition of death penalty provisions on Ammad Yousaf, ‘illegal notices’ to TV channels and registration of ‘bogus cases’ against journalists.
The journalists’ body, in the statement, said that demonstrations will be held at press clubs across Pakistan on January 26.
“On January 30, a ‘Press Freedom Rally’ will be held from the National Press Club to the Parliament, which will turn into a sit-in,” it stated. The statement further said that the sit-in in front of the Parliament will continue until the demands are accepted.
Before holding the freedom of press rally, PFUJ delegations will also meet with all political and religious parties where they will be presented with a charter of demand.
Apart from this, on January 28, all the press clubs and local unions will hold a meeting and finalize the preparations for the ‘Press Freedom Rally’.
Earlier, the Association of Electronic Media Editors and News Directors (AEMEND) expressed concern over the ‘serious charges’ imposed on Ammad Yousuf.
In a statement, AEMEND strongly condemned the imposition of ‘serious charges’ imposed on Ammad Yousuf, saying that such actions against a journalist is ‘unbearable’.
The electronic media editors and news directors body questioned why a case was registered against a media worker on statement issued by a politician. “It is fascism to include life imprisonment or death sentence clause in the case,” it added.
The statement further stated that no one is above the law, but illegal tactics under the guise of the law are a manifestation of malice. “Such tactics are an attempt to suppress freedom of expression,” it added. –Agencies