Pet dept for smooth flow of equipment

Staff Report

ISLAMABAD: The Petroleum Division has asked the provincial authorities to ensure smooth movement of personnel and equipment of oil & gas Exploration and Production (E&P) companies operating in the country, amid the restrictions imposed in the wake of coronavirus (COVID-19).
‘Supply of oil and gas and related operations are essential services to meet energy requirements of the country, hence movement of all exploration and production companies operating in the country, their subcontractors, personnel, equipment and vehicles is essential to keep the operation up and running,” the Petroleum Division said in a letter written to all provincial chief secretaries.
According to the letter, the provinces had been requested ‘to allow unhindered movement of oil and gas companies inter alia OGDCL, PPL, UEPL, PPL, ENI, MOL MPCL, KUFPEC, POGC, OPL, OPPL and POL, including their subcontractors, personnel and vehicles, so that uninterrupted supply of vital energy requirements of the country may be ensured during crisis situation as a result of COVID-19 outbreak.”