Personally want Raza Rabbani as Senate chairman: Nawaz

ISLAMABAD: Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif said that he personally wants to see Pakistan Peoples Party’s (PPP) Raza Rabbani as the next Senate chairman.

Talking to the media after appearing before the accountability court hearing the Avenfield properties reference against him and his family today, Nawaz said the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz and its allies consulted over the Senate chairman’s post yesterday and all agreed on Rabbani, the incumbent chairman.

“It is also my personal wish to see Rabbani as Senate chairman,” said Nawaz, explaining that the veteran PPP leader fills the criteria of who the party wants heading the Senate — someone who is committed 100 per cent to the Constitution and doesn’t have anti-democracy credentials.
“There is no point placing someone on the seat who is compromised,” he explained.
When asked about PPP leader Asif Ali Zardari’s refusal to appoint Rabbani, Nawaz said, “if his leadership doesn’t want to place him there then we’ll find someone like that from our own fold”.

Corruption cases part of grand design: Nawaz

Terming the ongoing cases against him part of a ‘grand design’, Nawaz said it has been six months since the corruption references were filed but charges have yet to be proved.

“What charge is there against me,” questioned Nawaz, adding that had there been any corruption evidence it would have been proved in two months but here they’ve gotten an extension now”. He was referring to yesterday’s decision of the Supreme Court to extend by two months the original six-month deadline of the corruption cases against him and his family.

Referring to Avenfield supplementary reference witness Robert Radley, a forensic expert used by the Panama case joint investigation team (JIT) to build its case against Nawaz, Nawaz said “Radley’s statement [regarding the Calibri font] was in our favour. This shows that lies have no basis.”

Earlier, party leader and federal minister Daniyal Aziz spoke to the media and claimed that the JIT report misled the Supreme Court.