People’s Daily commentaries lay out Party’s flagship roadmap

People’s Daily, the flagship newspaper of the Communist Party of China (CPC), has published a series of front-page commentaries since Wednesday, elucidating the Party’s strategic roadmap laid out after the first plenary session of the 18th National Congress of the CPC. China Central Television also ran those commentaries on the prime-time news program.

Xi Jinping was elected as General Secretary of the 18th CPC Central Committee at its first plenary session in November 2012. The new Party leadership continued to exert all possible effort in a bid to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and gradually laid out a new national strategy.
The strategic blueprint aims to comprehensively build a moderately well-off society, comprehensively deepen reform, comprehensively implement the rule of law, and comprehensively strengthen Party discipline, which are dubbed “Four Comprehensives.”
The CPC Central Committee always conveys its strategic decisions to nationwide grass-roots organizations and 80 million Party members through the People’s Daily, a newspaper boasting the greatest influence over political life in China with a daily circulation of over 3 million.
Those commentary pieces run by the People’s Daily not only detailed the development route mapped out for China by the CPC top leadership, but laid down new requirement for Party members and Party organizations at all levels.
Front-page news of the People’s Daily are generally about top leaders’ activities and speeches. It is rare to see commentaries run on top of that page, which clearly implies the great importance attached by the CPC Central Committee to the full implementation of the “Four Comprehensives” decision. It will serve as a goal for the Party to direct its governance of China for a long time.
The commentary series was published at a critical time, a week before more than 5,000 representatives to the National People’s Congress (NPC) and the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) gather in Beijing to review the development work done in the past year and to draw up a blueprint for the new year.
The “two sessions,” which have enormous significance for China’s politics, is a term that refers to two important meetings of China’s top legislature NPC and top political advisory body CPPCC.
Those deputies bring to Beijing the opinions and suggestions of 1.3 billion Chinese on the country’s development and the improvement of people’s lives, and offer solutions to the development issues. The solutions will guarantee the steady economic growth and fulfill people’s needs in the meantime.
According to the first commentary piece “Strategic Layout for the National Rejuvenation” published on Wednesday, the core of the “Four Comprehensives” is to adhere to the development path with Chinese characteristics and to gain new edges over other countries.
Some analysts from China and abroad agree that the insistence on the development with Chinese characteristics has already enabled China to be a critical driving force in the global economy. Certain development objectives and their respective approaches that will be unveiled at the two sessions may in the future exert great major impact on the world economic growth and the world’s political structure.
(The Daily Mail – People’s Daily news exchange item)