People unhappy with fake Pashtun accents in Sang-e-Mah


By Abid Usman

Hum TV is back again with another out of the box story. Sang e Mah flaunts a huge cast and is the television debut of superstar Atif Aslam. Sang e Mah is based on Pashtun culture and customs as it is also set in the same universe as Sang e Mar Mar which was also a classic hit. Though Sang e Mah is not a direct sequel to Sang e Mar Mar, it is touching on some customs prevalent in the Pashtuns areas. Along with a strong story, Atif Aslam was another factor that kept people on their toes.

But on the other hand, some Pashtuns are not happy with the representation on screen. Mostly people talking in made-up pashto accents also irked some viewers. Here is how viewers have reacted: