People ring in Chinese New Year with sports

BEIJING: After eating dumplings on the first day of the Year of the Rabbit, Tong Shijin packed his skiing equipment, started his car and headed to a place that was quite familiar to him.
Tong is a skiing enthusiast in Hohhot, north China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. After his graduation from university, he set up a skiing club, opened a skiing equipment store with his friends and became a skiing coach.
After a half-an-hour drive, Tong arrived at the Mazongshan Ski Resort. As he didn’t need to offer guidance to skiing amateurs, he had enough time to enjoy skiing in the clear air and bright sunshine. “It feels so cool. Without so many people here, now I can gambol as much as I like,” Tong said.
Nowadays in China, the Spring Festival holiday is not only about reuniting with family members and visiting scenic spots, but also basking in the joy brought by sports.
Like Tong, people across the country have engaged themselves in various sports during the holiday.
In a badminton venue of the Zhengzhou Olympic Sports Center in Henan province, Jia Junling wiped the sweat off his face after finishing a game with a friend.
“We have been playing here for four days since the Lunar New Year’s Eve, without missing a single day. Playing badminton and chatting with friends makes me feel happy and healthy. –Agencies