People are tired of Nida Yasir interrupting her guests


By Abid Usman

Nida Yasir is a popular Pakistani host who has a huge fan following. Women love to watch her shows. Nida also provides the content which is designed especially according to the wishes of audiences. Public loves watching wedding shows and family interviews and Nida brings such shows.
No doubt, Nida Yasir’s show is loved by fans but now fans say that they are sick and tired of Nida Yasir’s hosting style. They said that Nida Yasir interrupts her guests a lot and didn’t let them talk. In a few shows, she was continuously speaking and didn’t let her guests talk. Oftentimes, she interrupts her guests a lot. In one of the show her family was invited and she spoke a lot. On few other occasions in her show she didn’t let her guests speak. Here are the three clips from her latest shows.
In this clip she interrupted the cook while she was talking, Nida remembered something and started talking about it.
While Shazia Gohar just started telling about her weight loss journey, she interrupted her and asked her what all did she hear about her weight when she was healthy. She had to cut what she was telling.
She interrupted her brother a lot when he was telling recipe of Chicken Sheekh Kabab. Not only this, she continuously talked while he was telling recipe.
Public says that she doesn’t let her guests speak, she is fond of speaking meaninglessly and wants to hijack the whole show from the guests. They said that she wants all focus on herself.