Peace loving Homo Sapiens remain hopeful for 2020

 Ajmal Khan Yousafzai

Pakistan faced protests throughout the year, in fact this year is termed worldwide as the year of protests, small and big sit-in and long-short Marches. Perhaps sort of a relief for Pakistan to look at those protests that hit a lot of States across the world including Paris, London, Chile and Barcelona in Europe, many cities in Oceania, the Americas and Africa, as well as India, Thailand, China and Moscow. Some experts and media outlets have even compared 2019 to 1848 in Europe or the chaotic period right after World War I.

The Pakistani protests were of various nature, one particular protest demanded Premier resignation which lasted few weeks, while other demonstrations were organized by doctors, lawyers, labors, political parties over disagreements. But around the world many large scale protests were reported, the reasons varied from one country to the other. Many of the protests were basically triggered by price hikes, GDP allocation, polls result, subway tickets price, Vegetable,  fuel price hikes, climate risks, Law Amendment matters, independence movements, referendum demands and marginalization of certain communities. But what was common in those protests around the world, was violence. whether a single person was injured or in hundreds but the fact is that violence was reported in majority of the demonstrations.

The majority of worldwide protests shared a certain belief that their countries’ economies have grown dysfunctional and corrupt, blamed democracies to be under huge influence from powerful of the country, whereas the poor felt marginalized. The demonstrators were also seen alienated towards demarcated systems and annoyed by the hyper capitalism trend. In the globalized world, the internet did facilitate in gathering the anger and discontent ones. The rapid spread of protests across the globe gives picture of unpromising future of Homo Sapiens.

Interestingly, this year the Time magazine selected Person of the Year a Protester, Greta Thunberg. She delivered a passionate and emotional speech at the United States stage and continued exchanges on Climate Risks, though she represented those on the front lines of uprisings.

The intensifying protests suggests that the current system is a dent and if the issues were not addressed, demonstrations will more intensify as the French pension protesters didn’t stop protesting even in Christmas. while, country like India continues on the path of adventurism which results into more back lashings. The current Citizen Amendment Act has brought the Indian Muslims to the streets, as the Act is a total discriminatory and biased. thus, it is certain that more people will come to streets as the CAA remain legislation.

whereas, the United States isn’t behind any other country, as According to data released earlier this year, income inequality in the United States has hit its highest levels since the Census Bureau started tracking it five decades ago. Political divisions are deepening as well, with polarization and political fragmentation marking the new normal in democracies in most parts of the world. Moscow  has also witnessed some of the biggest protests in years with tens of thousands hitting streets in opposition to Putin.

Some countries went through very violent protests such as Sudan, where in a week three Presidents were replaced but the people were still not satisfied, while the country imposed internet ban for months. In such uncertain world, the netizens remains active online providing vigilant content from the spots, attracting more into the ongoing demonstrations. At this moment, the world needs to realize, particularly the governments and establishments that Is it necessary to let the people on streets while bombard them with tire gas shells and pellet guns? or why not to come to common grounds and resolve the matters. But the same questions should be asked from the demonstrators that is it worth to remain on grounds and up armed against the government? and for how long and with what cost?

If not majority than definitely half of the world population living under poverty and deprived of basic necessities of life. People must realized that quick fix formula is similar to shortcut which never last long even if succeed. the world is facing problems but it should be resolve with patience and peace. The only logical way forward is accepting the negativity around us, whether it’s at governmental level or primary level. – The author is a staff member of The Daily Mail.