‘PDM poses no danger to govt’

-Qureshi says public gatherings would give boost to Pandemic
-Claims country is on a journey of matchless development under PM’s leadership
-Questions where are those who were seeking PM’s resignation
-Adds current govt has stopped illicit use of national exchequer

DM Monitoring

MULTAN: Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi said on Sunday that PTI government was not worried over unseasonal public meetings of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) as it was no threat to the government, however the meetings could cause spreading coronavirus in the country.
He was talking to different delegations from NA 156, said a press release issued here. Qureshi remarked the PDM meetings would lead to the spread of the pandemic. In the last three years, PDM faced failure only, he said, adding that opposition, now wanted to come up with a new trick to fulfill its desires.
Qureshi posed question where were those who demanded PM Imran Khan’s resignation. The foreign minister stated that under the vibrant leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan, the country was on a journey of matchless development which could not be stopped by the noise of the Opposition. The opposition lacked any agenda for the development of the dear homeland, he added.
Qureshi maintained that the Opposition was pursuing an agenda of chaos and anarchy. On the contrary, Prime Minister Imran Khan owned a full-fledged development program which was being implemented, he added.
“Imran Khan is pursuing a zero tolerance policy in order to eradicate menace of corruption and hold looters accountable”, Qureshi said.
The PTI government would not accept any internal or external pressure in that regard, he added.
“It has become a tradition in the country to loot national treasury, make properties and flee abroad, but this will not happen now”, Qureshi expressed resolve.
He said the prime minister made it clear that every corrupt person would be held accountable.
For the first time in the history of the country, powerful looters, who looted the national wealth, were brought to book, he added.
The foreign minister said the PTI government strongly believed in the process of accountability without discrimination, adding the Accountability Bureau was operating independently and impartially.
Qureshi remarked “It is policy of the government that every person who looted the national treasury whether he is a part of the government or the Opposition will have to face accountability”.
About his recent tour to four different countries,” he said that the meetings with the leadership of different countries provided him an opportunity to know their views on Afghanistan.
The foreign minister maintained that Pakistan was moving forward with the desire for peace in the region.
Peace in Afghanistan was very important, he said, adding the peace in Afghanistan would lead to regional peace.
“Pakistan wants a political settlement in Afghanistan in which all partners are united for durable peace”, Qureshi said, adding that the people of Afghanistan had been facing wars for decades and now, they wanted peace.
He informed that he had discussion with Britain, US and China leaderships regarding peace in Afghanistan.
All the countries praised Pakistan’s conciliatory role in Afghanistan, the foreign minister added.
Qureshi hinted that Pakistan was assisting in process of evacuation of diplomatic staff, international representatives and other foreigners in Kabul.
“The world is expressing confidence in Pakistan and appreciating its responsible role,” he added.
He said “there are some concerns in the current situation in Afghanistan, and we have to be very careful.
Pakistan has not closed the border with Afghanistan. We have taken steps regarding border management and trying not to allow anyone to cross the border without documents”.
Earlier, Shah Mehmood Qureshi spent a busy day in the city. He visited different areas to condole with heirs of the deceased citizens.