PAL to hold Sachchal Sarmast Conference today

Islamabad: International Sachal Sarmat Conference being organized by the Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL). Mahtab Akbar Rashdi will preside over the conference
The International Sachal Conference is being held on the occasion of the 199th Anniversary Sufi Poet Sachal Sarmat will be online on 07 May 2020 at 05:00 pm, from PAL to promote the thoughts of Sufis and their message of peace, love and brotherhood and to highlight the soft image of Pakistan.
Dr. Yousuf Khushk, Chairman of PAL will present the introductory Note. Scholars from all over the country and around the world will present articles on different topics to highlight the thoughts and philosophers of Sufi Poet Sachal Sarmat at the conference. Sachal Poetry will be presented live from the Shrine of Sachal directly in the voice of Faqir Ayaz Mallah and his companions. Dr. Hakim Ali Bardo and Dr. Sadia Tahir will be a moderator of the Seminar.
Scholars of Sachal from all over the century from Islamabad including Jabbar Mirza “Sachal Sarmast Waliullah”, Dr. Abdul Aziz Sahir “Elements of the unity of existence & manifestations in the poetry of Sachal Sarmast”, Dr. Fakhra Noorin “A Study on the evolution of romantic prototypes in Sachal Sarmast’s Poetry”, from Punjab are Dr. Nabila Rehman (Lahore) “Sachal colors in Punjab”, Dr. Javed Hassan Chandio (Bahawalpur) “Acceptance of Sachal Sarmast in Seraiki Waseeb”, Syed Khizer Noshahi (Mandi Bahauddin) “Attar Neshapuri’s intellectual impact on Sachal’s poetry”, from Sindh are Dr. Dar Mohammad Pathan (Larkana) “Study of the poetry of Sachal Sarmat in the context of his time”, Dr. Fatima Hassan (Karachi)”Halaj’s concept of love and Sachal”, Dr. Adil Soomro (Sukkur) “Concept of Global Harmony and Brotherhood of Sachal Sarmast in his thoughts”, Taj Joyo (Hyderabad) “Hafiz Shirazi and conspicuous Secrets”, Prof. Altaf Aseeim (Ranipur) “Sachal’s poetry is a reflection of his time”, Mumtaz Bukhari (Sukkur) “Shah Latif’s allusions about Marvi close to Sachal Sarmast”, Dr. Mehr Khadim (Khairpur) “Sachal Sarmast’s Urdu Poetry: Significance and Uniqueness”, Amr Iqbal (Khairpur) “Technical and intellectual influences of Sachal Sarmat’s poetry on modern Sindhi poetry”, from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Dr. Abasin Yousafzai (Peshawar) “Sachal Sarmast, the poet of the tradition of humanity”, from Balochistan Dr. Wahid Bakhsh Bazdar (Khoa Sulaiman) “Sachal Sarmast Wahdat Al-Wujud poet” and Naseer Malik from Denmark “Sachal Sarmast thoughts and Denmark” Will present online articles on topics. – PR