PAL stresses for understanding Iqbal’s thought

Staff Report

ISLAMABAD: It is the time to understand Iqbal’s thoughts and philosophy of inner self. These views were expressed by Prof. Fateh Muhammad Malik, while presiding over the Online National Iqbal Seminar organized by Pakistan Academy of Letters. The chief guest was Muneeb Iqbal. Dr. Yousuf khushk, Chairman Pakistan Academy of Letters presented an introductory note.
Scholars of Iqbal from all over the county read-out their papers on different topics to highlight the thoughts and philosophy of our national poet.
Scholars from Islamabad including Dr. Ehsan Akbar “Thought of Iqbal”, Dr. Ayub Saber “Iqbal and Islamic Renaissance”, Dr. Shahid Iqbal Kamran “Iqbal’s Following: Modern Perspective”, Hafeez Khan “Iqbal and Identity Crisis”, Dr. Rashid Hameed “Iqbal’s Naatia Ahang”. Scholars from Punjab Dr. Anwar Ahmed “Contemporary Understanding of Iqbal’s Contemplation “, Dr. Saadat Saeed “Iqbal and Concept of Freedom”, Dr. Basira Anbarin “Iqbal’s Wisdom”: Some Glimpses”, Dr. Amjad Tufail “Thoughts of Iqbal and Colonialism of 21st Century. Scholars from Sindh Niaz Panhwar “Understanding of Iqbal’s Philosophy in the Present Era” Iqbal Sawani “Iqbal: A Successful Politician”. Zebun Nisa Zibi “Topics and Theories of Iqbal’s Poetry”. Scholars from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Dr. Fakira Khan Faqiri “Iqbal’s Concept of Movement & Action”, Dr. Sattar Khan Lavaghri “Iqbal’s Persian Poetry”, Prof. Aamir Sohail “Iqbal and Hazara”. A Scholar from Balochistan Dr. Abdul Rauf Rafiqi “Iqbal’s Philosophy”, A scholar from Gilgit-Baltistan Mohammad Hassan Hassrat “Translation of Iqbal’s Poetry in Balti” Abdul Rauf Rafiqi “Iqbal’s Thought” presented their articles. Dr. Saadia Tahir from Azad Kashmir moderated the seminar.
Prof. Fateh Muhammad Malik said that unfortunately we have forgotten Iqbal’s thought and taken the wrong path and today we are facing problems. Iqbal presented the concept of Pakistan and a prosper society for whole Muslim ummah but our present society against the concept of Iqbal as we failed to build up the society as per thoughts of Iqbal.