Pakistan’s credible defence strategy

Pakistan has conducted a successful training launch of surface-to-surface ballistic missile Ghaznavi aimed at ensuring operational readiness of Army Strategic Forces Command, besides revalidating technical parameters of the weapon system. According to Inter Services Public Relations, the training launch was witnessed by Commander Army Strategic Forces Command Lieutenant General Muhammad Ali, senior officers from Strategic Plans Division (SPD), Army Strategic Forces Command (ASFC), Scientists and Engineers of the strategic organizations. Pakistan occupies a very important and strategic location in the map of the world. Its ability to connect China, landlocked Afghanistan and Central Asian States to the rest of the world further increases its importance many fold. Currently, Pakistan faces several threats to its external and internal security, so this training test of the surface-to-surface ballistic missile Ghaznavi is not only aimed at ensuring operational readiness but also sending a clear message to anti-Pakistan lobbies that Pakistan is not unaware of the challenges and fully prepared to thwart all threats emerging from different directions/ centers of anti-Pakistan Forces. The present-day scenario demands that Pakistan must increase its efforts to dismantle the internal threat whether they are of political nature, economic, security, legal and judiciary related issues to establish a strong grip on the internal affairs. Pakistan’s enemy are well-known to the fact, that it is difficult to defeat Pakistan in military domain, therefore, they are channeling terrorism, extremism, unrest, and political disarray to destabilize Pakistan. These terrorists are being used by enemy agencies for carrying out terrorist activities in the country. Currently, our armed Forces are fully capable and ready to thwart any external aggression however we need to strengthen ourselves against the internal threats.