‘Pakistani students safe in Wuhan’

WUHAN: “We are safe and sound. We will fight (against the novel coronavirus epidemic) and win,” said Ismail Shah from Gilgit-Baltistan, on behalf of Pakistani students of China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) in China’s Hubei Province.
According to Shah, so far, all Pakistani students of CUG now staying in Wuhan, the center of the novel coronavirus outbreak, are safe, as some students have gone home for winter vacation.
“Nowadays, we are preferring to sit in rooms and avoiding going outsides,” said Shah.
He added, “We have already stored some foods and daily necessities.
In addition, the university authorities have also been providing us all basic facilities and sending them to our doorsteps.” “The overall situation sounds good. We are not worried. We will fight (against the novel coronavirus epidemic) and win. This is the taste of life,” said Shah with confidence.
To relieve homesickness amid the outbreak of novel coronavirus, Shah sometimes cooks by himself.
Besides taking care of himself, Shah is helping teachers of the International Office of CUG to organize and implement measures to fight against the novel coronavirus epidemic.
According to Mz Zhao Yangping, a teacher of CUG, the university authorities have activated an emergency response mechanism and teachers are on duty 24/7. All the 437 international students have been divided into 18 groups which all has one teacher to take charge of.
Any student who need any help physically or psychological can contact the teacher in charge of at any time. In addition, there are also one or two student representatives from each country. The student representatives will help their compatriots and teachers as liaisons. Shah is the representative of Pakistani students. “We all are fine. If any Pakistani students need help, we will help our compatriot. Don’t worry about us. Thank you,” Shah told Ms Zhao last night. –Agencies