Pakistan will not fight anyone else's war, says PM Imran

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the country will not be part of anyone else’s war.
The premier said that he was against the involvement of armed forces in the foreign war from the very first day, while addressing defense day ceremony at the GHQ.
Families of martyrs, members of the federal cabinet, heads of political parties, lawmakers and celebrities were also among the attendees at the ceremony.
The Pakistani nation celebrated the day to pay tribute to its martyrs on the 53rd anniversary of the 1965 war.
On this day, 53 years ago, Indian forces had crossed the international border in the darkness of night to attack Pakistan, but the nation foiled the nefarious designs of the enemy.
PM Imran said that Pakistan Army is the only intact and functional institution of the country.
“The Pakistan army is running at its best because of non-political interference and its priority for merit,” he said. “Political interference destroys institutions.”

The premier said that he still remembers the 1965 war and acknowledged the passion of the nation during the wartimes.

He said that the country’s foreign policy will be for the betterment of the nation under his command.

PM Imran said that there is no civil-military tension among the institutions as all have the shared objective of taking the country forward.

He said that the nations culminate to their desired standing by unity.

The prime minister, together with the army chief, laid a floral wreath on the martyr’s monument.

COAS vows to avenge blood being shed on border

Addressing the ceremony, the COAS said today was a day of solidarity with martyrs of Pakistan and that they all were united for the defence of the motherland.
He said that September 6 was an important day in the country’s history and that they had learnt a lot from the 1965 and 1971 wars.
“Our forces and nation have rendered sacrifices in the war against terrorism,” General Bajwa said. “Our houses, schools and leaders were attacked. Efforts were made to weaken us internally.”
Noting that more than 70,000 Pakistanis were martyred and injured in this war, the army chief vowed to collectively fight this menace of terrorism.

He said that enlightened nations do not forget their martyrs, adding, “We will avenge the blood flowing on the border.”

General Bajwa said the country passed through a very difficult phase during the past two decades and the war is still continued.

He also said that continuity of democracy was necessary in the country. The army chief further paid a tribute to the Kashmiri brethren for their struggle for right to self-determination.