Pakistan will never become a US proxy: Foreign Minister Asif

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif said that the United States wants to make Pakistan its proxy state, adding that Pakistan will never become a proxy of the US.

He made the remarks while addressing the National Assembly.

“The enemy has crossed the ocean and is fomenting conflict in Syria, Afghanistan and other states while leaders of the Muslim World facilitate the enemy,” said Asif, in an apparent reference to the US.

“Pakistan is being targeted specifically since it enjoys a leadership status in the Muslim World,” he explained further.

Talking about the presence of Daesh in Afghanistan, Asif said the terrorist outfit has not been wiped out but has only changed its address.

The foreign minister said Pakistan did not take part in the Yemen war, adding that it wants Iran and Saudi Arabia to end their differences.

We will not protect any other power but safeguard our own interests, he asserted.

With regards to the US-led war on terror, he claimed that Pakistan’s leaders sold off the country to safeguard their positions. “We fought a ‘made in America’ jihad and created jihadis — what have we done to ourselves,” said the minister.

Asif also wished to see a peaceful Afghanistan.