Pakistan to promote agricultural machinery coop

Islamabad:  Asif Shah, Honorary Consultant of Pakistan Luban Workshop and Executive Board Member of Punjab Agricultural Research Board, visited Tianjin Modern Vocational Technology College (TMVTC) and participated in a seminar on the integration of industry and education of Pakistan Luban Workshop agricultural machinery training project.

As the honorary consultant, Asif actively promotes the development of agricultural machinery project in  vocational education of  the two countries, Gwadar Pro reported on Monday.

He also advocates for the seamless integration of the training project with local agricultural talent training in Pakistan.

During the seminar, Asif mentioned that the training project addressed the pressing need for technical expertise in the development of local agricultural mechanization in Pakistan.

He emphasized that the project played a crucial role in promoting Pakistan’s agricultural development and received high acclaim from experts, scholars, and local farmers in the fields of agriculture and education.

While attending the “China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition 2023” in Wuhan, Asif communicated with several enterprises to explore the potential for future cooperation in the agricultural machinery training program. He gained a comprehensive understanding of China’s achievements in the entire industrial chain of agricultural mechanization.

In recognition of TMVTC’s contribution in the field of agriculture in Pakistan, Asif also delivered a letter of thanks to Mr. Kang Ning, Party Secretary of the college.

The letter was signed by Prof. Ali, Vice Chancellor of MNS Agricultural University, the partner of the agricultural machinery training project.

In the next step, the Pakistan Luban Workshop agricultural machinery training project will gradually offer courses on the automation and intelligentization of agricultural machinery manufacturing.

This initiative aims to assist in the transformation and upgrading of agricultural mechanization in Punjab Province, as reported by TMVTC.  –INP