Pakistan summons Delhi envoy in protest against any possible 'misadventure': Foreign Office

KARACHI: Pakistan, warning of a possible new attack by giant neighbor India, said it had summoned the Indian deputy high commissioner to protest against any “misadventure”.

“Indian deputy high commissioner was summoned for demarche in line with Foreign Minister’s briefing of today and warned against any misadventure,” Pakistani Foreign Office spokesman Muhammad Faisal said in a Tweet.

Pakistan had “reliable intelligence” that India would attack again this month, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said earlier, as tension over a February standoff between the two nuclear-armed neighbors had appeared to ease.

Addressing a news conference in Multan, Qureshi said there is “reliable intelligence that India is readying for another act of aggression” against Pakistan.

“A [fresh] act of aggression by India against Pakistan is likely between April 16 and 20. According to the reliable intelligence we have right now, a new Pulwama-like incident can be [planned] by India to increase diplomatic pressure on Pakistan and to justify military action against Pakistan,” he said.

“After consultation with Prime Minister Imran Khan, we have decided to share this information with the people of Pakistan as well as the international community immediately. It is our policy to keep the nation informed,” the minister added.

“Fear of war has not yet dissipated,” Qureshi said, as he called on the United Nations and the international community to play their role in maintaining peace and stability in the region.

“Pakistan has apprised all five permanent member states of the United Nations Security Council [China, France, Russia, United Kingdom, and United States] of India’s attempts to disrupt peace,” he shared.

“The international community must take notice of India’s irresponsible behaviour. The world must not stay silent, or peace and stability in South Asia could suffer.”

Qureshi said Pakistan is “trying sincerely to resolve” matters and is again inviting India for dialogue in the interests of the two countries and the region.

“Pakistan is again inviting India for dialogue. for [peace] and economic prosperity of both the countries,” the minister offered.

He reiterated the measures taken by Pakistan to defuse the tensions with India arising in the aftermath of the Pulwama suicide bombing on February 14, in which more than 40 Indian paramilitary soldiers were killed.

“Pakistan’s decision to release captured Indian Air Force pilot was a gesture of peace [towards India],” he said, adding that the country has also announced to release 360 Indian prisoners this month.