Pakistan sees bright future in friendship with China: Envoy

BEIJING: Pakistan sees a bright future in the cooperation and friendship of China, as the two are celebrating a remarkable anniversary, Pakistan Ambassador to China Moin ul Haque said, while also showing firm support for China’s fight against the pandemic.
“We reject all instigation, politicization or standardization. Any Covide-19 virus tracing has to rest on scientific data,” he said in an interview with China Daily.
The ambassador praised China’s efforts in battling the virus, calling for countries to work together to tackle the crisis. Through its campaign, China has taken effective measures to control the pandemic, and the people and government of China have shown the unity and discipline needed to resolve the problem, which is another example for the world to follow, he said. Ambassador Haque also said it would be very unfair for some countries to hold vaccines, as there are still many poor or developing countries lacking doses.
“We want countries, especially major rich and developed countries, to take this responsibility to help the poor or developing countries,” Ambassador Haque said. “This is a time for solidarity. This is a time for cooperation. No country alone can address this challenge”.
As for Pakistan-China relations, the ambassador said he is “very hopeful and very confident” that the relationship is going to be strengthened and the cooperation between the two countries will become more solid and pragmatic in various fields.
– The Daily Mail-China Daily News exchange item