Pakistan rapidly becoming World Trade hub through Gwadar Port

An aerial view of the Gawadar Port.

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan is fast becoming an international trading hub through Gwadar port, as it provides significant economic benefits to importers and exporters through highly efficient operations, advanced cargo handling, substantial storage areas for all types of cargo, and extensive ancillary facilities.
Adnan Khan, a research associate at the Centre of Excellence, China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), said that changing geopolitical conditions had shifted alignment patterns from politics to economy. “Economic security is becoming the topmost priority among national security preferences around the world. China is leading this sphere by forging and strengthening its economic relations with countries around the world, including Asia, to speed up economic development.”
He said Pakistan would have to create links and generate wealth to lessen the challenges and pressures posed by enhanced economic activities within the region and beyond.
Adnan Khan said, “Gwadar has the potential to realise the long-cherished goal of enhancing trade links between Pakistan and Central Asian countries. The port is designed specifically to serve the needs of China and Central Asian countries.”
He said that there had been an influx of import cargoes at the Gwadar port recently as three vessels, each carrying 90,000 metric tonnes of urea, had arrived at the port. “This influx of cargo shows an increased economic activity is going on in Gwadar region, creating job opportunities and boosting the local economy.”
He further said that to become an international trading hub, Pakistan needed to make significant investments in its infrastructure to support the growth of the port and its related industries. –INP