Pakistan ranks 2nd in Economist’s normalcy index


ISLAMABAD: Minister for Planning, Development and Special Initiatives Asad Umer on Thursday said that Pakistan stood second in the world ranking on Economist global normalcy index that measured post Covid-19 opening up of society and economy.
“Pakistan ranked number 2 in the world in Economist global normalcy index measuring recovery post covid opening up of society & economy. Pakistan was 3rd in the first evaluation and number 1 in the second. Pakistan is the only country in the world to be in top 3 in all three rankings” he tweeted.
Meanwhile, Special Assistant to Prime Minister on E-commerce, Aon Abbas Buppi said that Pakistan stood at second among 50 countries for better handling of COVID-19.
“Economist Magazine’s normalcy index, Pakistan ranked 2nd among 50 countries where “commercial, recreational, and traffic (mobility)” activities have gone back to normal, in fact better than the pre-pandemic level in case of Egypt and Pakistan.
Shows better management of COVID so far”, he tweeted. He said that trade, recreation and traffic (mobility) activities in these countries have returned to normal, in fact in the case of Pakistan and Egypt it is better than before the epidemic. -Agencies