Pakistan Railways replacing outdated manual system through digitization

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Railways (PR) is installing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system as part of its continuous efforts to abandon its outdated manual system and fully automate and digitize its operations, reports.
For the implementation of the ERP digital system, the Pakistan Railways has signed an agreement with Telemarks Consulting Pvt. Ltd. The installation of ERP system will promote innovation, openness, and direct management, according to a spokesperson for the Pakistan Railways. To give travelers access to contemporary amenities, this system was desperately needed. The ERP system will help reduce resource usage and save time.
The installation of ERP system will assist the Pakistan Railways in deciding more wisely. Likewise, railroads will run more efficiently. Additionally, direct monitoring of income and expenses will be possible and all railway tenders will be conducted in a fair, open, and merit-based manner.
The employees’ service-related tasks will be carried out more effectively. Additionally, digital records for former railway employees are also being computerized.
According to a report of the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE), it is estimated that 50 percent of ticketing is now electronic, but the department still lacks an ERP system that integrates all the processes from end to end. There is also a delay of 60 days in the flow of financial information within the enterprise. The government expects to complete the first phase of ERP in approximately three months.
In the first phase of the ERP implementation, the railway operations will be completely paperless. A dashboard will be available to the chief executive officers, the secretary, and the minister to monitor all the data generated electronically.
WealthPK research indicates that ERP is a process by which businesses manage and integrate various aspects of their operations. Several ERP software applications provide the companies with the ability to implement resource planning by integrating all the processes necessary to operate their companies into a single system. –INP