‘Pakistan must boost fruit export to China’

BEIJING: China, as the world’s major fruit importer and producer, is encouraging Pakistan to export high-quality fresh fruit in the Chinese market, said Mohammad Yasin, CEO of Midtrans.
Mohammad Yasin has been living in China for more than 30 years. He told China Economic Net that Pakistan’s enterprises can improve the quality of fruits by providing the basic knowledge to our farmers on how to protect and handle fruits.
“The Fruits account 30% to 40% of the total is lost from the field to the market, because of the mishandling, we have to treat each fruit, like an egg. When you mishandling the egg, it will be broken and waste”, he mentioned.
He said that after five years, China will be a net importer of food, because they will be a net exporter of industrial products. Therefore, we should focus on our agriculture that is the backbone of the Pakistan economy. As the major beneficiary of Belt and Road Initiatives, Pakistan can get the advantage of the Chinese market by producing those crops which are popular here. “Pakistani enterprises have to focus on how we can market our fruits, and we have to find overseas markets, which can pay well to our farmers. There are two ways, by using modern practices we have to increase shelf life of the fruits and the government should provide subsidies in the form of the transportation of the foods to the international markets in this way cost of the product can be a little cheaper and we can compete in the international market,” he stated. –Agencies