Pakistan declared ‘most improved’ country on N-Security list


WASHINGTON: A United States study on worldwide nuclear materials security for 2020 has said Pakistan is the “most improved country” after increasing its overall score by seven points. On the whole, Pakistan ranked 19 with 47 points, while India ranked one place below at 20th spot with 41 points.
According to the National Threat Initiative Nuclear Security Index report for 2020, the majority of improvements were in the Security and Control Measures category, which increased by 25 points, because of the passage of new regulations.
The report stated that Pakistan’s improvements in the Security and Control Measures category are “significant” because “strengthened laws and regulations result in durable boosts in Pakistan’s score as well as provide sustainable security benefits”.
It noted that the country has steadily improved in this category over time with the passage of new regulations, improving by eight points in 2014, two points in 2016 and six points in 2018.–Agencies