‘Pakistan-China youth must strengthen exchanges’

BEIJING: The people to people exchanges and communications should be strengthen among the youth of Pakistan and China to further cement friendship between the two countries, said a Pakistani student studying in Xi’an, China.
“I think this (summer camp) is one of the best ways to explore China, its universities, languages and customs. Obviously, I’ll recommend it to young people,” said Azaz Ali Shah, a Pakistani student from Xi’an Jiaotong University (XJTU).
Shah made the remarks after attending the 2021 University Alliance of the Silk Road Summer Camp of XJTU held in Xi’an, Shaanxi province China, which has attracted nearly 300 Chinese and foreign students from 41 countries and regions.
For these students, XJTU provided online Chinese language lessons and a series of lectures on chip technology, new energy, new media, and science and technology.
It aims to promote interactive cooperation in personnel training, scientific research and cultural exchanges among students from countries and regions involved in Belt and Road Initiative.
Shah has been invited to deliver a welcoming speech on the online opening ceremony of the summer camp. He also attended the lectures.
“It is no doubt that all lectures are informative and interesting for us. The topic ‘Light Flowing on a chip’ is a bit similar to my study field and helpful for me,” said Shah, a major in Electronics Science and Technology.
Many students showed great interest in new media when attending the lecture. They had a heated interaction, according to Ma Teng, a teacher from XJTU.
Ma said to strengthen communication and exchanges among young students, some students also shared their study and lives in the campus of XJTU by videos.
Shah was one of these students. He shared his experiences in this university and also expressed welcome to the potential students to come to XJTU.
Shah said, “An even better way to know China is to study in China.”
Shah said during the past three years in XJTU, he has learned calligraphy, cooking Chinese dumplings and tried to take part in many competitions, which make him feel happy and courageous.
Shah told that being a student in a foreign country with a different culture and mentality was very difficult at the beginning.
“But gradually, I realized that the people here are really hospitable. They helped me a lot, which made me feel like I’m in my own country,” said Shah.
“When talking about Pakistan-China friendship, we have to think about the next 70 years, the young generations, because we enjoy a shared future,” Shah said.
“There is a lot of goodwill in Pakistan when it comes to China across all walks of society, but our youth are not so aware of the importance and history of our relationship with China. So, it’s very important to make them involve a stakeholder in this relationship,” Shah said. – Agencies