Pakistan, China to jointly thwart conspiracies against CPEC: Ahsan Iqbal

ISLAMABAD: Ahsan Iqbal — the Minister of Interior Affairs — said that Pakistan and China would work together to foil conspiracies being hatched against the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

Iqbal expressed these views during a meeting with a Chinese security delegation here, according to a press release. He said some forces wanted to destabilize Pakistan and halt development works, including CPEC.

Some elements, including politicians, did not feel comfortable due to the developmental works launched by the incumbent government, the minister noted, urging them to avoid spreading rumours that may cause unrest.

Iqbal stressed that collective efforts were required to take Pakistan forward.

There was a need to work together with wisdom to further strengthen national institutions and democratic system in the country, he added.

Despite many other challenges — as well as the situation on external borders — Pakistan had played a vital role in the war against terrorism and achieved numerous successes in this regard.

The issues pertaining to promoting the Sino-Pak security cooperation and ensuring the safety of the CPEC projects’ workforce was also discussed during the meeting.
They agreed to further promote the cooperation between Beijing and Islamabad police, apart from the public security sector between the two countries.
Iqbal said the CPEC has had a vital role in Pakistan’s economic development achieved during the past three years, adding that “with the completion of CPEC projects, Pakistan-China relations will get further strength”.
The interior minister also explained how the deployment of Chinese workers in Pakistan on the CPEC-related ventures was a matter of pride for the country.
A foolproof security cover is being provided to the workforce, with a special security force set up for the purpose, Iqbal added.
The minister said the two countries would work in unison to secure the western border, adding that the CPEC’s economic benefits were equal for both the friendly, neighbouring states.