Pakistan-China JV shares evolution experience of EV standards in China

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s automobile industry is entering a new phase of industrial and technological development. In the last one and a half years, the Pakistani government has taken different initiatives to promote electric vehicles. As a nation, Pakistan is learning technology and has equal opportunities to grow alongside other countries.
The above views were highlighted by Mr. Khalid Mahmood, CEO of Pak-China Huazi Green Energy (Pvt) Ltd & Alfalah EV Motors (Pvt) Ltd at a webinar titled “evolution of EV standards in China and their implementation” on Saturday. He went on to say that Pakistan has a unique geographical location, connecting China to the Middle East, Central Asian states, Africa, and other parts of the world. Pakistan’s workforce is highly competitive in international markets, and the weather is ideal for working 24/7.
Mr. Ni Jianhua, President of Huazi Research Center, spoke on the occasion about the quality standards and implementation of new energy vehicles in China. He introduced the history of the development of China’s new energy vehicle industry, the development goals and technical directions of the Chinese auto industry, and briefed on the relevant standards for new energy vehicles, including pure electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles and hydrogen vehicles.
Ni explained that in the future, the Chinese side will share Chinese standards and experiences in the automotive sector, particularly in the field of new energy vehicles, with its Pakistani partners.
Furthermore, all Huazi new energy products available in Pakistan comply with Chinese new energy vehicle standards, have passed rigorous tests, and have been approved by the government.
“Huazi places a high value on cooperation with Pakistan. This collaboration is not only limited to the marketing of new energy vehicles, but also to the development of technologies and the promotion of standards,” Ni added. –Agencies