Pakistan, China aim for Literature promotion


Staff Report

ISLAMABAD: Formal Memorandum of Understanding MoUs would be signed between China and Pakistan to promote literary relations and Literature in country.
These views were discussed in a meeting between Mr. Zhang Heqing the cultural Counselor of Chinese Embassy in Pakistan and Chairman Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) Dr Yusuf Khushk on Sunday.
The meeting was held to discuss the matters related with promotion literature and cooperation between two friendly neighboring countries which possess rich cultural heritage and powerful literaray traditions.
The Chinese cultural Counsellor Zhang Hewing said that the role of Pakistan Academy of letters in extending cultural and literaray ties with China were commendable.
He said that this mutual cooperation in form of MoUs and exchange of ideas and literati in future would bring literary circle of both countries closer and a new wave of cultural & literature exchange would beging between two neighbouring Nations.
Speaking on the occasion, chairman PAL Prof. Dr. Yousuf Khushk said that the they were aimed at enhancing cultural and literally relations between two countries through writer to writer contact and intellectual exchange through translations and other literary events.
He said that classics and valuable literaray treasures of both countries would be exchanged through extensive translation works so that people on both sides enjoy the real colours of living.
They both agreed that very soon formal MoUs would be signed between both countries to cement these literary relations.
Meanwhile the Chinese cultural Counsellor was warmly recieved in the office of Chairman PAL where exchange of books from both sides was made as a token of love and appreciation.