Pakistan, Azerbaijan discuss transport, trade co-op

By Asad Cheema

ISLAMABAD: Caretaker Federal Minister for Communications for Railways Shahid Ashraf Tarar, and Azerbaijani Ambassador to Pakistan Khazar Farhadov discussed issues of mutual interests and strengthened bilateral ties.
The ambassador during a meeting with the minister said the relationship between Pakistan and Azerbaijan is unparalleled in every aspect.
The envoy said, following the commencement of direct flights between Pakistan and Azerbaijan, both countries aim to connect through railways and road networks.
The Ambassador said the primary goal is to boost economic cooperation and facilitate the movement of goods and people. “We are keen on promoting economic cooperation,” Ambassador Farhadov said.
He further said, “We envision Pakistan becoming a part of international transport networks, connecting with all regional countries.”
He also highlighted the potential for Pakistani trade to gain access to Europe and Russia through Azerbaijan.
The ambassador said, that to achieve this, the private sector will play a crucial role in promoting trade and economic growth. Shahid Ashraf Tarar expressed his commitment to the idea, said, “I have instructed the Chairman of Railways to work on connecting rail routes with Azerbaijan.
“It is time to transform our good relations into economic cooperation,” the minister said. Both parties expressed the urgency of finalizing transit trade agreements between Pakistan and Azerbaijan, indicating their willingness to promptly implement these proposals. “I hope that both countries will collaborate to implement these recommendations swiftly,” the minister said. The meeting between Minister Shahid Ashraf Tarar and Ambassador Khazar Farhadov reflects the shared determination of Pakistan and Azerbaijan to strengthen their economic ties and facilitate cross-border trade and connectivity. As these discussions progress, the potential for increased economic cooperation between the two nations remains promising.