Pak, China to ramp up medicinal talents

BEIJING: The Gansu University of Chinese Medicine, Pakistan Health Service Academy, and the China Acupuncture Center and Clinical Lab in Islamabad have joined hands to train Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) talents as well as promote TCM clinical diagnosis and treatment in Pakistan.
“Starting from 3-month or 6-month training, we will strive for providing education with TCM academic degrees in Pakistan,” Zhang from the international office of Gansu University of Chinese Medicine told meida on Tuesday.
The university is located in Gansu Province in northwestern China and has set up nine TCM institutes and six TCM centers in Belt and Road countries.
She said that in addition to promoting TCM therapy, especially acupuncture and moxibustion, the University would also cooperate with Pakistani regulatory authorities to push forward TCM legislation in the country.
For clinical practice, students will find opportunities at China Acupuncture Center and Clinical Lab in Islamabad, she added.
Dr Ahmed, Director of China Acupuncture Center and Clinical Lab, told meida that since the Pakistani government approved the import of Chinese medicine in 2012, it had been gaining popularity as its efficacy has been recognized by more locals.
In particular, during the pandemic, the medicine donated by the Chinese government had boosted the reputation of TCM in Pakistan, he mentioned.
“The limited number of TCM practitioners in Pakistan requires more training to be conducted to cultivate personnel in this field, as has been required by Pakistan’s Ministry of Health,” Dr Ahmed said, adding that while his center had been present in Pakistan for about 30 years, “this will be the first systematic TCM training it ever provides”.
Apart from insufficient training, those who have learned TCM knowledge find themselves restricted in their practice due to the absence of TCM certification from authorities, he highlighted.
“Most TCM doctors in Pakistan work at home without a TCM license because only Western medicine license is available for now,” Dr Ahmed said, adding, “Therefore, we are working to help the Pakistani Ministry of Health set up a registration and supervisory body for TCM practitioners.”
He believes with more talents and certified practitioners, TCM will develop at a faster pace and bring benefits to more people in Pakistan. –Agencies