Pak-China collaborate in PV sector sustainable development goals

DM Monitoring

BEIJING: On May 31, China’s leading solar solutions provider LONGi officially released the sixth annual corporate sustainability report for 2022 in Beijing, providing a elaborate summary of its practices and achievements in the field of environment, society and governance (ESG) in the past year.
Pakistan, as an indispensable international market for LONGi, poised to show more competitiveness in global PV market. “Since 2020, LONGi Solar has successfully exported more than 1GW of solar panels to the Pakistani market, as a momentous milestone,” Ali Majid, General Manager, Pakistan, LONGi Solar.
As Pakistan is one of the most vulnerable countries to the adverse impact of increasingly severe climate change, the sustainable development has become a pressing issue in the country.
Photovoltaic power generation, as the best choice to solve Pakistan’s power shortage and optimize its energy structure to a great extent based on fossil fuels, while saving foreign exchange required for energy imports, has vast potential for future development.
From 2012 to 2022, LONGi produced a total of 290GW of photovoltaic products, with the cumulative output of clean electricity exceeded 1,148,287 GWh. According to the International Energy Agency’s global power grid average emission factor, it is equivalent to avoiding 536 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions. As for Pakistani market, both distributed and centralized PV products have market segment demand, distributed PV systems, such as rooftop solar installations on residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, have been gaining popularity in Pakistan.