PAC’c threatening Judges akin to war with Judiciary

RAWALPINDI : Awami Muslim League (AML) chairman and former federal interior minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said on Tuesday that holding inquiry of judges by the Public Accounts Committee and the threats to judges were equivalent to an open war with the judiciary.

In a message on the social media website Twitter, the former interior minister said for how long the judiciary would remain patient and eventually the constitution would have to be implemented. “Neither they will furnish the record nor will they provide funds (for elections),” he said.

They would not hold elections and force the judiciary to take a constitutional decision.

The AML head said the prime minister was busy attending coronation of the UK king, so how could he take care of people facing flour shortage. The government had become a symbol of hatred among the peo-ple, he added.

He said 13 parties imposed Rs170 billion taxes on the poor masses in just 13 months; they took inflation to 50 per cent high and failed to get any bailout package from the IMF too. He said any deal with Pakistan was not on the agenda of the IMF’s May 17 meeting.

Foreign exchange reserves were diminishing, imports decreasing, businesses going to dogs and the ministers were busy making foreign tours, he deplored. The constitution appeared ineffective and subservient to those celebrating its golden jubilee, he said.

They had made themselves isolated among the people and had also made Pakistan isolated in the comity of nations. He further said in his Twitter message that they (rulers) would not submit record of the parliamentary proceedings to the Supreme Court. Instead, he added, they would deliberately make the situation worse under a conspiracy, paving the way for them to have an easy exit as face saving. –Agencies