Over 1100 Sikh pilgrims arrive in Pakistan

From Abid Usman
LAHORE: Over 1100 Sikh pilgrims along with a ‘Palki’ arrived in Pakistan from India to perform their religious rituals on Friday.
They visited Gurdwara Janamasthan, Nankana Sahib and performed their religious rituals.
Evacuee Trust Property Board has made special arrangements for security and accommodation of yatrees near Gurdwara and also renovated it in a beautiful manner,
Radio Pakistan reported.
The yatrees paid tributes to Prime Minister Imran Khan for opening Kartarpur Corridor and laying the foundation stone of Baba Guru Nanak University in
connection with 550th birth anniversary celebrations of Baba Guru Nanak.
After Nankana Sahib, the ‘Palki’ would be taken to Kartarpur and it will be installed there permanently.
Earlier, Indian authorities at Attari border crossing denied permission to the bus carrying golden ‘Palki’ Sahib to cross over to Pakistan.
Upon refusal by the Indian authorities, the Sikh Yatrees carried the golden ‘Palki’ Sahib on their shoulders along with Guru Granth Sahib and entered Pakistan
via Wagha border crossing.
Governor Punjab Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar, alongside officials of Evacuee Trust Property Board, Rangers and Pakistani Sikh leadership welcomed the ‘Nagar
Kirtan’ and ‘Palki’ Sahib on Pakistani side of the border.
The Sikh leadership and Yatrees condemned the Indian decision to deny permission to the holy bus to enter Pakistan, saying the interior of the bus had been
decorated as a Gurdwara.