‘Outbreak of the Corona virus is a great test by Allah’

Staff Report

Islamabad: Service People Foundation International chairman and medalist Imtiaz Niamatullah Zaheer has said that the outbreak of the Corona virus is a great test by Allah, which demands collective collective humanity and repentance, ‘Make charity common for poor poor.
The charity avoids every call so that the whole world can be saved and relied on Allah, but caution is also needed. Service Creation Foundation will soon distribute rations to the poor, widows, orphans and the poor. And demand that all the prisons of Balochistan be imprisoned
He said in a video message he said that citizens should ensure public safety, markets etc. in order to ensure the safety of their lives.
Avoid letting go of the corona epidemic by avoiding traditional methods of social cohesion and ensuring the implementation of government-mandated instructions, he said, adding that even the world’s most powerful governments have been powerless to control the virus. This is a great test from Allah, which is the collective solicitation and repentance of humanity.
He said that he should make charity common for the poor, as charity avoids every call so that the whole world can get rid of the plague. Chief Minister Balochistan Jam Kamal Khan has announced for the poor and the workers.
Import so that the poor and the working class get relief because the working class has been unemployed for the last several days and has been living in extreme conditions so the Chief Minister does not delay in giving relief to the poor and the affluent gentlemen also have a difficult time. I came forward for the relief of the poor, he said.
Prisoners at EL are advised on spray and screening to protect against the Corona virus and demand that the screening and corona prevention be sprayed in prisons across Balochistan, further expanding this regard.