Oracle launches 2nd-generation Cloud region in UAE

SAN FRANCISCO: U.S. computer technology corporation Oracle announced the availability of the first of two planned second-generation Cloud regions in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which marks the availability of 26 Oracle Cloud Regions worldwide.
The opening is part of Oracle’s plan to have 36 Cloud regions by July 2021. Located in Dubai, the new Cloud region will offer all Oracle Cloud services, including Oracle Autonomous Database and Oracle Cloud Applications, the company said in an announcement.
“The contribution of digital economy to the UAE’s GDP stood at 4.3 percent in 2019… Oracle’s second-generation cloud region in Dubai will help accelerate the digital transformation initiatives of organizations across the UAE government entities, large enterprise and SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises), thus directly supporting the country’s economic vision,” said Abdul Rahman Al Thehaiban, Oracle’s senior vice president.
Being present in the UAE for more than three decades, Oracle has established a digital hub in Dubai, which is focused on driving cloud adoption across the country’s mid-sized businesses. In line with the UAE’s Strategy for Artificial Intelligence, Oracle has established the first of its kind innovation hub in Dubai to accelerate the implementation of artificial intelligence in the UAE.–Agencies