Opposition women MNAs protest over Imran referring to Bilawal as ‘sahiba’

ISLAMABAD: Women MNAs of opposition parties protested against Prime Minister Imran Khan referring to Bilawal Bhutto Zardari as ‘sahiba’ while addressing supporters in Wana a day earlier.

As the National Assembly session resumed today, the women MNAs of opposition parties protested against the premier’s remark and demanded that they be allowed to speak on a point of order.

The women MNAs surrounded the speaker’s dais and tore copies of today’s agenda after Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Ali Muhammad Khan rose to address the session. 

The deputy speaker then gave the mic to Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) MNA  Nafisa Shah to raise the point of order.

Speaking on the point of order, Shah said, “This is an insult to the post of prime minister. If the premier does not take back his words, I will say that he is not my prime minister.”

“Whenever the premier says something, it is said that it was a ‘slip of tongue’,” she added. “I am not doing politics but standing in solidarity with women.”

“It is our demand that the prime minister comes to the Parliament and apologises to the women. If the premier does not do this, then from here to Wana ‘Go Imran Go’ will echo,” Shah stated. 

On Wednesday, while addressing supporters in Wana, PM Imran said, “I didn’t take authority on a chit just like Bilawal Sahiba. My aim is to defeat corrupt people and give progress to the country,” he said, “in the name of saving democracy all corrupt people have united. But the nation should be rest assured I will fight them alone.”