One sentenced over ATM skimming

From Zeeshan Mirza

KARACHI: A city court in Karachi sentenced a Chinese national on Wednesday after charges of stealing data and committing ATM-skimming proved against him, media reported.
The sessions court awarded overall six years and three months jail sentence to Leo Lin after he found guilty of the crime.
The court also slapped Rs. one million fine over the convict.
The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) had detained Leo Lin and charged him with committing electronic crimes, fraud and forgery in different localities of Karachi and using skimming device at the ATM machine.
He had stolen bank data from different ATM machines in the city, FIA prosecutor Zakir Ahmed had argued before the court.
The court pronounced verdict after founding the accused guilty of the offence.
Moreover, Police in January 2018 had claimed to have recovered an ATM skimming device and Rs. six lacs from possession of a Chinese man identified as Shu Shuping.
ATM skimming — an illegal activity in which account details are stolen from the magnetic strip contained on the back of the debit card has been around for a while and incidents have happened, sporadically, in Pakistan as well.