One Sector Seal Policy applied at I-10

By Uzma Zafar

ISLAMABAD: Following the ‘One Sector Seal Policy’, Sector I-10 was sealed from 14 points with heavy strength of police. SP industrial Area Zone Zubair Ahmed Sheikh and SDPO Sabzi Mandi Circle Ghulam Baqar supervised this activity.
All officilas were briefed before the activity about following ICTP’s motto i.e. ‘Pehle salam phir kalam’ and to treat every one with courtesy. Every single person coming in & going out of the sector was searched and those who could not prove their presence were shifted to the police station.

4 were released after verifying and proceeding as par law against 6 others. 108 motorbikes without documents and no plates were shifted. During this activity no unpleasant incident was reported. Such sector sealing policy would help in reducing crimes.