‘One country, two systems’ the best way to restore peace


Most Hong Kong people hope the new year will usher in better days for the city. But, this cannot be achieved without change. The first change is the appointment of Luo Huining as the new director of the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. In a speech on Monday, Luo said he would do his best to uphold “one country two systems” according the Basic Law, as well as the nation’s Constitution. Most SAR residents are tired of the ongoing social unrest. We all yearn for a return to peace and order. It is hoped that the new director of the Liaison Office will maintain central government support for the HKSAR government in ending the violence and curbing unrest. In his first public speech, Luo said the “one country, two systems” principle is Hong Kong’s biggest advantage. He added that, as a system of innovation, the implementation of the principle could be improved to ensure the city’s prosperity and stability in the long term. This is no doubt highly important for Hong Kong. Unlike former directors, who are “technocrats” working in the central government, Luo’s experience as a Party leader in Qinghai and Shanxi prior to his new appointment has earned him the reputation as a capable administrator and also a troubleshooter. He served as deputy secretary of the provincial committee of the Communist Party of China of Qinghai province for more than 10 years and governor of Qinghai for almost three years. He was promoted to the top job of provincial Party secretary and chairman of the Standing Committee of the Qinghai Provincial People’s Congress in 2013-16 before he was appointed Party secretary of Shanxi province later that year. Qinghai and Shanxi used to be among the poorest regions in the country, but grew by leaps and bounds economically under his leadership. While working as provincial Party secretary in Shanxi, he won a broad campaign against corruption in local governments and State-owned enterprises. That is why Luo is considered a good fit for the central government’s Liaison Office in Hong Kong. Apart from his leadership skills as a top local administrator, Luo is wellknown for his down-to-earth personality and no-nonsense approach to work. Luo puts great emphasis on the faithful and consistent implementation of “one country, two systems” in the SAR. He said “one country, two systems” is here to stay, stressing “I’m fully confident of this”. The message is clear in the sense that, at a time when Hong Kong is dealing with its worst political crisis, with seven months of anti-government protests showing no sign of ending, “one country, two systems” remains the best assurance for prosperity and stability.As a representative of the central government, Luo is tasked with offering the confidence and support the HKSAR government needs to implement “one country, two systems” in Hong Kong according to the Basic Law. It is the central government’s primary objective to ensure the faithful implementation of “one country, two systems”, which is also the collective will of the people of Hong Kong. Whenever a political dispute arises, it is vital to find common ground for negotiation. This common ground, according to Luo, is the full implementation of the national Constitution and the Basic Law. Hong Kong will face more and more challenges in future. Apart from the risk of an economic downturn, public health hazards caused by the new type of pneumonia pose an imminent threat. Resolving these crises will require the solidarity of the Hong Kong community along with capable advisers. In this respect, Luo’s meritorious career will bring a fresh and valuable perspective in dealing with the unrest in Hong Kong. Though Luo has no prior experience in Hong Kong affairs, he is undoubtedly passionate about contributing to the city’s welfare. He stressed he would do his best in Hong Kong with sincere affection for the city. With those heart-warming words, he offered the public a fresh look at the role of the Liaison Office. Better mutual understanding will be the first step to building trust where all stakeholders work together to make Hong Kong great again. In his message, Luo cited President Xi Jinping’s New Year speech: “Without a harmonious and stable environment, how can people live in peace and enjoy their work?” Indeed, every member of the public is longing for stability and harmony. Although Hong Kong sust a i n e d h e a v y l o s s e s i n 2 0 1 9 , i t i s n e v e r t o o l a t e t o rebuild and protect our beloved city by adhering to “one country two systems”. -The Daily Mail-China Daily News Exchange Itemt