Old Summer Palace exhibition opens in Beijing

BEIJING: A joint exhibition focusing on the Old Summer Palace, or “Yuanmingyuan” in Chinese, and the Chengde Mountain Resort opened on Monday in Beijing.
The exhibition, divided into four sections, shows the splendor of the imperial architecture of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) through media such as graphic display boards, Chinese paintings and physical models.
Supported by digital restoration and VR technology, visitors can enjoy the cultural connotations and artistic achievements of the two royal gardens.
The Chengde Mountain Resort, some 230 kilometers north of Beijing, was built in 1703 during the Qing Dynasty. Emperors lived there during the summer and welcomed diplomats and tribal leaders.
Co-sponsored by the Management Office of Yuanmingyuan and the Central Academy of Fine Arts, the exhibition will run until Feb. 8. –Agencies