Notorious gangster Bilal Sabit killed in encounter

By U.Zee

ISLAMABAD: In a joint operation, Capital Police and Intelligence Bureau, killed notorious criminal Bilal Sabit, in an encounter here on Monday.
Killed criminal was wanted in various cases of car snatching, murders, armed robbery acts and other crimes of heinous nature. He was also involved in firing at police personnel. His recent criminal activities were reported to be snatching of vehicles from Islamabad on Sunday.
It is learnt that IB spies were successful in detecting the location of the suspect through their network of informants and via technical surveillance.
After tightening the noose around the suspect the IB team informed the local Police authority and when Police tried to round him up he retaliated with indiscriminate firing on Police party and thus got killed during the exchange of firing from Police.
Capital Police, is, however yet to release the details of the operation and further details are likely to be released today.