‘No time for accusations, co-op needed amid pandemic’

DM Monitoring

MADRID: It is not the the moment for prejudices, accusations and politicizing the COVID-19 as it devours lives around the world, said Xulio Rios, the Director of the Observatory of Chinese Politics in Spain in a recent interview.
Spain is one of the epicenters of the outbreak in Europe. The Ministry of Health, Consumer Affairs and Social Services said on Wednesday that 102,136 cases have been reported with 9,053 deaths.
“It is time for us to work together and in this sense counting on the help of China is a guarantee,” said Rios.
China has sent aid to Spain and the Spanish government is also purchasing vital sanitary equipment from the Asian country as part of its efforts to halt the spread of the virus.
Rios said that urgently needed supplies had arrived and are arriving in Spain from China by air and also by the railway link between Yiwu, one of China’s manufacturing centers, and Madrid.
These supplies are vital for the Spanish health service workers to combat the coronavirus in dangerous conditions, said the expert.
“Spain values the efforts of the Chinese authorities and of thousands of people, thousands of kilometers away, who are working 24 hours a day to produce the material we need to save lives,” said Rios.
“Even before the adoption of drastic measures, we saw the Chinese community in Spain distributing face masks to public service workers,” said Rios.
He added that is it important to listen to the advice and recommendations of China.
China’s early containment of the virus also places the country in a key position, said Rios, adding that China’s manufacturing power is vital to save lives in Europe.
“The priority now is to not endanger international cooperation,” he said, calling for efforts to deepen the trust among the world’s countries and adopt a rational attitude.
International cooperation is crucial to be able to react in an effective manner to a challenge that knows no borders, said Rios.