No protocol treatment to politicians, bureaucrats in hospitals, say YDA


LAHORE: The bureaucrats and politicians will not be given protocol treatment at the General Hospital, Young Doctors Association (YDA) announced in a press conference on Wednesday.

President YDA Dr Ammar, speaking at a press conference here said that the doctors will not accept protocol treatment to any bureaucrat or politician, they will be treated like other citizens.

The YDA official also warned that the doctors will stay away from the duty if the promised risk allowance not paid within a week. “The risk allowance should be paid to all healthcare professionals,” he further said.

Dr Ammar said that the doctors won’t duty at out-patient departments (OPDs), if the standard operating procedures (SOPs) not enforced there.

“Over 100 health professionals including 60 doctors have been affected by the coronavirus, for God’s sake take care of the health professionals” he said. “The government wants to put the burden of its failure on doctors,” YDA official said.

He urged the government to recruit doctors on adhoc basis to run the coronavirus wards in hospitals.

“Government’s every decision with regard to coronavirus has proved wrong and its ministers are speaking trash,” Dr Ammar said.

He also claimed that the 1400 billion rupees coronavirus fund not being utilized appropriately.